Want to make a booking?  

We're more of a walk-in kinda place, like back in the olden days. When you could just walk into a bar at sit down without the sound of stopwatch making sure you're out within a 2hr window. 

At Bucketty's, once you're in, you're in.

However we do take bookings for groups of 20+ at certain times of the week.

So if you wanna celebrate your birthday or another momentous occasion with a group of mates, we've got you covered. You just need to work with us a little on the start time.

We accept bookings of 20 to 50 people at the following times: 

Wednesday & Thursday - Enter between 5pm and 10pm

Friday - Enter at 5pm

Saturday - Enter between 1pm and 3pm

Sunday - Enter between 12pm and 2pm or after 7pm (open till 10pm)

The only condition is that your guests will need to arrive within 15 mins of the booking time, or they risk lining up if we're at capacity. 

There's no minimum spend or set function menu. We'll give you an area and and you bring the good times.

Please contact us to check availability. 

Less than 20? Try and get down here early. 
Fortunately we have four other brewery's within 200m of us. One is only two doors over! So you won't go thirsty. 
Opening Hours
Wednesday 5pm > 10pm
Thursday 5pm > 11pm
Friday 5pm > around midnight 
Saturday 1pm > around midnight
Sunday 12pm > 10pm

One thing's for sure, when you do get in you're gonna have have a mad time. So make the effort and get down here! 


FAQ on Bookings

Is there a minimum spend?  No

Do we need leave within a certain time?  Definitely not! Unless you or your guests are wasted of course, then it's home time. 

Can we pre-order food?  Yes, you can preorder from the menu, we'll discuss at the time of booking

Are we free to use other parts of the venue? Yes! Wander around and use the pool table, dart boards, foosball or cut a rug on the dance floor. 

What happens if my guests arrive late? They have a 15min window where they can skip the queue, after that if they're late and we're at capacity they'll need to wait in line. 

Hey! I was there on the weekend and saw there were other bookings on Fri/Sat night! This makes me very upset. What gives?!  Whoa, we love your passion to get into Bucketty's! But chill, we used to take bookings at peak times and still have a bunch that booked in the past which we're honouring. But moving forward we're only doing walk-ins at peak times. 

Can I book the whole venue? Yes, we have a capacity of 120 and can make the venue available on Monday or Tuesday nights for private functions. Please contact us to check availability. 

Ready to book? Contact us now.