Brewery - Bar - Music

"Highly recommended! A great community vibe in a spacious setting. The Aussie Hazy is now my favourite beer."

After the long COVID winter, spring is upon us with a long range forecast of fresh beers and good-times! 

Our tap room is Open 4pm Monday to Friday during the first week of reopening. And 1pm Saturday and Sunday. Serving a range of our fresh, locally made brews and meals from our in house food truck serviced by Dope Fusion. 

If you haven't been down here yet, you're bloody crazy, because it's epic. 

We're not doing bookings at the moment, with walkin's only to keep the place loose and vibing. 

Depending on what happens with govt restrictions, we'll be kicking off live music again in November, stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook.



Frequently Asked Question

Yes! Absolutely, we love dogs. However, only nice dogs that love other dogs. If your dog isn't one of those then you know what the right decision is, because you're a responsible dog owner. Aren't you?

We've got something for everyone and our taps rotate regularly so it's hard to keep the website up to date. Please follow along on Facebook or Insta to see what's cooking down at the brewery.

Yes! We have a sectioned off kids play area at the back of the brewery suitable for children aged 1 to about 8.

Kinda. We do have one large table that we allow to be reserved for groups of 20ish people when we open or shortly thereafter. But don't let that deter you, we have heaps of space and tables turn over fairly frequently, so you should be right. There's also 4 other awesome brewery's within a few hundred metres of us if you're super thirsty and don't want to wait.

Absolutely! We have a range of lunch, dinner and kids option. Click on the menu link at the top to see all our options.

We sure do! We generally run tours and tastings the hour before we open for groups of 10+. Please contact us to book in.