Bucketty's Brewery Tour

Grab a backstage pass to the Bucketty's Brewdeck and learn about how our award winning beers are made.

Hosted at our Brewery in Brookvale, every Saturday at 11:30am for $25 per person!

From the paddock to the pint, we'll walk you through the process of turning barley, hops, water and yeast into the delicious fresh nectar that runs from our taps while enjoying the finished product (obviously!).

We have 15 taps pouring a variety of brews, from crisp clean lagers so bring you can see through them, to fresh IPA's bursting with aroma and fragrance, to rich malty stouts and ales plus a few experimental brews.

You'll be touring with a member of our brew team who can be as technical, or light as you want, we'll be tailoring the experience to your interests.

The tour price of $25 per head includes the tour experience, a taste and guide through all of our 15 taps plus a pint of your favourite to take on the tour!

All good Brookvale brewery crawls start with a Bucketty's Brewery Tour.

 Please Note:  If you'd like to book for more than 20, please email: Brigit@buckettys.com.au