And just like that... We're OPEN!

February 10, 2021

And just like that... We're OPEN!

Wholly shitballs... We made it! 

By the hair of our chinny chin chin we opened the doors for the first time on the 5th of Feb to 70 eger family, old friends and dozens of new friends that helped along the way. 

Our occupation certificate arrived via a vibration in my pocket. I rushed over to Lexi who was on her knees sweeping up a blend of concrete and sawdust with a mismatched dustpan and brush at the front of the building. 

"Can I borrow you for 1 minute?" I said.

"Yup, what?" She was in the zone... 

"We got our OC!" 

"Wholly shit... thank god for that!" she said relieved, as we shared a sweat soaked hug. 

45 seconds later we were back at it with the rest of the team of Tony, Dan, Scotty, Matt, Kurt, Geoff, Enrique, Gavin, Marty, Mark, Joel, Dan (plumber Dan), Rob, Pete, Vicky and Roger putting the finishing touches on everything we could think of. 

To turn the build around in only 3 months with Christmas and Covid in the middle was no mean feat and I gotta say I'm pretty bloody proud of everyone involved. 

What's more, the opening weekend was everything we could have hoped for.

People came, they had a great time, they loved the beer and told their friends. On Saturday a seat at Bucketty's was so hot we had to turn people away  throughout the day due to being over capacity. Wow! 

The next major step is when we fire up the brewery for the first time (up until now we've been renting tanks at Dad & Daves and Quakers Hat, cheers fellas). That should should should happen in 4 days from now. From there we brew like crazy and work out how to run a brewery.

I'm told the building of the brewery it is the easy part...! 

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