Welcome Tony!

October 02, 2020

Welcome Tony!


Our new head brewer recently quit his stable head brewing role with one of the largest brewery’s on the Central Coast, to join little old us.

A start-up that’s a 90min commute away from his family.

Wow, what a leap!

And we’re so bloody grateful and lucky to have him on board. Because the thing with brewing is, you really need to know what you’re doing.

It’s not just the quality of the beer, but the safety of our staff. We’ll have massive steel tanks that could explode under pressure, thousands of litres of boiling liquid which would cook you in seconds and burners that would melt your face off, all real risks if something went wrong.

But assuming everyone ends the day with their face intact, it then becomes about the beer. And man-oh-man, Tony makes good beer.

This past weekend we did a tasting session with the families, and he brought with him 6 different recipes to savor.

So far we’re wrapped with:

The Lager – It tastes like summer with friends. Sessional and radiant. A little friendly bitterness under a bright crisp finish.

IPA – Hazy, hoppy, lovely. Easy on the nose, and even better on the tongue. The perfect balance of dry bitterness, aroma and refreshment.

Sunday Bitter – An easy drinking English Special Bitter that’ll make expats reminisce about their pub life in the motherland.

Still in the works is a mid-strength, pale ale and sour.

I can’t wait to see these beers pouring from our taps in a few months time.

Some people called us crazy for starting a brewery without really knowing how to brew, having a recipe or knowing anyone that could help.

Well, now we do 😊

Hazzah for Tony!