The 3rd Best Session Beer in The World!

May 09, 2022

The 3rd Best Session Beer in The World!

The 3rd Best Session Beer in The World!

The world?

Seriously guys… how is that even possible?

I hear you… but it’s the god’s honest truth. See, there’s this thing called the World Beer Cup®

held every 2 years in the US, their goal is to discover and award the world's best beers from around the globe.

What is the World Beer Cup®? - YouTube

This year 10,542 beers were entered from 2,493 breweries, representing 57 countries. Beers were evaluated by 226 judges from 28 countries.

So for us to win a medal is a big deal, like really fucking big.   

Our Pale Ale No.2 came in 3rd behind 2 US brewers in the session beer category, which is defined as

This category includes beers of any style that 1) are at or below 5.0% abv, 2) have an original gravity and alcohol content below the range of the base beer style.  Drinkability is key to a successful session beer.

We were one of only 3 Australian Brewery’s to win a medal.

The news came through the live feed direct from the US, and the moment the announcer said “Bucketty’'s“  the entire brew team started jumping around like kids on Christmas morning, accompanied by some misty eyed brewer cuddles.   

“I was trying to impress on some of the folks around here, because this is mid-life crisis career change kind of thing for me, it’s just extraordinary for us to do this, it’s just phenomenal” was Tony’s quote from his interview with Beer & Brewer magazine in the hours after the win.


The boys enjoying some Pale No.2's the morning after the win.

Our community know us for our welcoming tap room that offers fresh, delicious beers which complement perfectly with our on site food truck and regular live music.

But what our community probably aren’t aware of, is the lengths our brew team go to ensure our beer is the best it can possibly be. Head brewer Tony, Brewer Dan and Assistant Brewer Gareth are insanely driven dudes with an extreme attention to detail, most of the brewing is done by hand and across the brew cycle (roughly 10 days) they measure inputs and variables 400+ times FOR EACH BREW.

It’s hard, meticulous, and often thankless work. And they haven’t received the credit they deserve for the calibre of beer pouring from our taps. Until now!

With this, we’ve decided to lean further into our brewing and invest in a canning machine ($100k +). This’ll give us flexibility, because presently we outsource our canning runs and it can only be done in large batches. 

Our own canning machine - It’s gonna be great!

And don’t stress. We’ll still be the same old Bucketty’s you know and love.

We’re not expanding our manufacturing output significantly and have no interest in selling pallets of beer (or any beer) to duopolistic overlords Coles and Woollies.

We just want to make good beer, fresh beer, that hits your tastebuds in all the right spots and leaves you wanting another taste. And then another, and then another and then another. Cause life tastes better with a Bucketty’s.

All this writing is making me thirsty...Time to enjoy a fresh pint Pale Ale No. 2!




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