August 24, 2020



It’s happened!

After 6 short months with Northern Beaches Council – We’re approved!


26 Orchard Road, Brookvale will be our good-times factory, filled with tanks of beer and barrels of laughs. The lease kicks off on 1st November, and we’re anticipating a 3-4 month build before we open the doors Feb/March 2021.

Hopefully COVID is under control by then… but who knows. We’ve just gotta go for it. We’re burning the boats, there’s no turning back.


Now shit really gets real. It’s one thing to get approval, now we have to build the thing. It should be straight forward, right?

We now have a growing list of things to sort out, everything from locking down the first beer recipes with our brewer, to buying a food truck, to hiring staff, to organising insurances, to understanding the different POS systems available, there’s actually a fair bit that I hadn’t thought of. Because up until this now there was no point thinking about the details unless we knew we were going ahead.

Now that DA’s approved, the lease signed and the $80k deposit paid for the brewhouse, we’ve officially jumped off the cliff. We betta work out how to build a plane, quick smart.

Here we go!

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