The Bucketty's Beer Club is kicking off February the froth (first!) 2023. To enter the draw to win a year's membership: 
1. Chuck your name and email address in below (no spam, promise)
2.  Buy some fresh beers online before Australia Day 2023

Hey legends, Nick McDonald here, Bucketty's co-founder.

If you're reading this, you probably know us, and hopefully you've felt the love. That feeling of walking through the front door, immediately immersing yourself in the vibe , on a one way journey good times. The feeling is mutual by the way 😍

Which is why we want to share more with you, so we're launching our very own beer club! This ain't no ordinary club... As a member, you'll get fresh tins delivered to your door each month (of course), BUT! You'll also be invited to exclusive member only events, free pints of new brews and regular catch ups with the brewers. You'll even have the opportunity to participate on an occasional brew day! 

We will announce the winner on Australia Day 2023!

I can already feel it... 2023 is gonna be a great year, La Nina will have finally pissed off, pandemic talk will be back in the history books, but the best thing is surely that we're all going to be part of the Bucketty's beer club. 

- Nick & Lexi