We're Hiring!

We're looking for a new team mate to join us here at Bucketty's!


Assistant Venue Manager 

Part Time / Full Time

About you - You're experienced in hospitality and love pouring pints to happy punters in a bustling environment. And you're ready for something new where you can take your skills to the next level by helping manage the venue. 

You're ready to be part of something. 

Bucketty's is calling you!


    What's in it for you: 

    • You'll be part of the Bucketty's Team! 
    • You'll receive full training and the opportunity to expand your hospitality and management experience. 
    • You'll fall in love with work again and be part of a supportive growing team where we all look out for each other. 


    What's in it for us: 

    • You'll commit to working with us over the medium to long term, allowing us to invest in your training and fully integrate you with our teams and brewery culture. 
    • While on shift, you'll manage the venue and motivate the team. Juggling a line of 10 people deep at the bar while the band rocks out  and there's a stream of people trying to get in. 
    • You'll kill it in the venue, pouring beers, shaking cocktails, sweeping floors and helping the punters fall in love with us through your incredible service and unrelenting positivity. 


    To be successful you'll need: 

    • Bartending experience & valid RSA. 
    • To love working when a place is bustling. 
    • You're hungry to learn more about hospitality & brewing.  


    We're not your regular brewpub, we're a family business that cares deeply about the quality of our beer and the punter experience. 

    In our first year we've pushed the boundaries of what we thought was possible and quickly become a destination for those wanting to be part of something authentic, outside your usual tap room or bar. 

    In the year ahead we'll continue to push ahead with a potential second venue at our property in Bucketty NSW, and further expand on what we've built in Brookvale. 

    We'd love if you could be a part of it. 

    To apply, please email nick@buckettys.com.au with a copy of your CV. 


    Be sure to include information on why you think you'd be a great candidate for the above role.