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Pour fresh Bucketty's at your place!
With a Bucketty's Kegerator or Party Keg you'll have a complete plug and play solution for your draft beer drinking needs. Can you imagine how impressed your mates will be with this at your joint? Beer never tasted so good…

Email brigit@buckettys.com.au for prices of the below products:

The Kegerator

  • With our good looking 2-tap Kegerator on the job, you and your buddies are guaranteed to have a blast.
  • 2 x 20L Keg of Beer & 2-Tap Kegerator 

The Party Keg Package

  • Perfect for the "keg stand" type of event. Loaded with delicious Bucketty's brew and easy to operate.
  • 1 x 50L Keg of Beer & 1x PARTY TAP

Bucketty’s Van 

  • Hosting a corporate event or large party? Look no further, we have you covered with our beer van & bar! Equipped with 5 beer taps, wine, spirits & staff! Get in a Bucketty’s State of Mind at your party! 

Email brigit@buckettys.com.au for all enquiries and to get drinking!

Free delivery within 5km of Bucketty's!