Home Keggerator Rental

Pour fresh Bucketty's at your place!

With a Bucketty's Kegerator you'll a complete plug and play solution for your draft beer drinking needs. Can you imagine how impressed your mates will be with this at your joint? Beer never tasted so good...

You'll have 2 taps and can select from any of our draft beers currently on tap (excluding nitro beer because it uses a different type of gas). 


With our good looking 2-tap Kegerator on the job, you and your buddies are guaranteed to have a blast.

1 x20L Keg of Beer, 2-Tap Kegerator & Local Delivery = $550



Perfect for the "keg stand" type of event. Loaded with delicious Bucketty's brew and easy to operate.

1 x50L Keg of Beer, 1x Party Tap & Local Delivery = $750


Frequently Asked Questions:

- How many schooners in a 20L Keg & 50L Keg?

There's 53 x 420ml schooeys in one 20L keg & 132 x 420ml schooeys in a 50L.

- Can I buy more than 1 keg in case I run out?

You sure can! The kegerator fits up to 3 kegs. additional standard 20L kegs are $150

- Where and when can yu deliver?

We'll drop it off within greater sydney, full of cold fresh beer on Friday and pick it back up on the following week.

- How do I stop beer from foaming when I pour?

Angle the glass at 45 degrees to the tap and press the tap to the inside of the glass. Pour your glass 3/4 full and give it a minute to settle, don't be pouring the froth down the drain, that's liquid gold! Take a breath, give it a moment because it'll all turn to delicious beer shortly.

- What happens if I haven't finished the keg? Can I get a refund?

If you have an untapped keg we'll gladly refund it, however once it's tapped, you're committed. If it's not going into your glass it'll be going down the drain... and that would be a bloody travesty, so make sure to drink it dry.

- Can you supply glasses?

We sell our pint glasses for $15 each, or we can supply biopack disposable pint glasses for $0.30 each

- What if the allocated delivery times do not work for us? or location is out of Sydney?

We can come outside our nominated hours for an additional $250 . Contact us directly to discuss other delivery prices.

All you need to do is pull the tap and fresh cold beer will be yours to savour!

Email emily@buckettys.com.au to discuss dates